Pacific Beach's Original Source for Functional Fitness

Pacific Beach’s first source for functional fitness.

San Diego Athletics, established in 2010, was built with a belief that fitness should be the best part of everyone's day. The ability to learn, play, get stronger, and healthier around a supportive community is fundamental to human development.

On the surface, we teach fitness, nutrition, and health. One step beyond that, however, is the confidence and empowerment that comes with achieving goals and being proud of the way you look and feel.

At San Diego Athletics, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching staff, the quality of our community, and the facilities in which you train. The days of training in dingy garages is over. You want a gym where you feel comfortable, with a professional coaching staff, and supportive community.

Pacific Beach's Most Quality Fitness Experience

Setting the standard for functional fitness.

Train With Us

Located in the heart of the business district and 3 blocks from the beach, San Diego Athletics is the premier training facility in Pacific Beach. Catering to a diverse athlete membership, we are fully-equipped to program workouts for all fitness levels. From CrossFit Games level athletes to those who have never set foot inside a gym, San Diego Athletics’ facility is a welcoming training destination for anyone and everyone. Our goal for you is to maximize life and provide a full-service health and wellness experience.

  • This place has changed my life! I no longer have osteoporosis and I no longer worry about the possibility of having it. That does mean that I will be at SDA for as long as I possibly can! It has given me so much confidence in my body, in my balance, in my ability to be active.

    Chris Madsen

  • I knew CFPB was the environment I needed in order to take myself to the next level as an athlete. The amount of knowledge that Bryan has when it comes to diet/nutrition, programming and technique is second to none.

    Kendall Bolt