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Strong! The new program offering at San Diego Athletics

CrossFit training is at the core of San Diego Athletics. The community aspect of the CrossFit class is part of what makes it so enjoyable. Friends hanging out, working together, socializing, and inevitably lying on the ground in a sweaty heap together every now and then. There is a new program starting at SDA on …
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San Diego Moms Get Fit at San Diego Athletics

Candace Hiddlestone first caught sight of Andrea Perry at G3 Kids, a gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling gym for kids. She went home and told her boyfriend, “I have a girl crush. Her body is insane,” Candace said. Candace finally worked up the courage to ask Andrea what she did to work out, and that’s when …
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Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.  We will be running a limited class schedule Wed-Sat so please make sure you take note of the changes.

Ab Training Plan

Next stop, six-pack CITY!!! Whooo! No but seriously, this ab training plan will enhance your current exercise program and help you to build up the muscles in your core.  This will NOT get rid of the fat layer covering your abs.  You need to clean up your diet for that…(our free nutrition plan is coming …
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2 Weeks of FREE SWEAT Workouts!

 We get it! You just want to get in the gym get a quick but challenging workout in and go on with your busy life.  Here’s a sample 2 weeks of our SWEAT program workouts.  If you don’t know one of the exercises it’s best to talk to one of OUR coaches personally or email …
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More Pull Ups Program

Hello! I’m so glad you found this! It shows that you are ready to take the next step to improving your pull up strength and that is really inspiring! This is a beginners program but can be adapted to a more advanced athlete if needed.  It requires you to dedicate additional time in the gym …
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