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2 Weeks of FREE SWEAT Workouts!

 We get it! You just want to get in the gym get a quick but challenging workout in and go on with your busy life.  Here’s a sample 2 weeks of our SWEAT program workouts.  If you don’t know one of the exercises it’s best to talk to one of OUR coaches personally or email …
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More Pull Ups Program

Hello! I’m so glad you found this! It shows that you are ready to take the next step to improving your pull up strength and that is really inspiring! This is a beginners program but can be adapted to a more advanced athlete if needed.  It requires you to dedicate additional time in the gym …
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The Fall 2017 Training Cycle

The training program for the last 13 weeks has focused primarily on building lots of strength in strict movements. The next training cycle will be completely different from anything most of you have done before. This is the training program that SDA (CrossFit PB) used in training for the 2011 Regionals. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday …
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THE Blueprint on how to R.A.M.P. up your Warm-up

by Matthew Angeloni             In the old days, when told to warm up, one would typically go for a light jog before jumping into some good ol’ fashioned static stretching. Now before I begin, I don’t want to totally discredit the light jog and static stretching; these certainly have their place, but if this sounds …
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Training vs Exercising

Are you Training or Exercising?  In early July, I spent 5 days hanging out with one of my best friends from early childhood. We were inseparable from 5-12 years old, playing basketball together for hours every day. This consumed us, and then he moved to Switzerland. We continued our friendship bi-continentally, and I made 4 …
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The Summer Training Cycle at SDA

Over the course of the last 9 weeks, the athletes of San Diego Athletics completed a cycle deeply rooted in Olympic Weightlifting. If you were following the Comp Class variation, you implemented a percentage-based system. Your training was almost entirely snatch, clean & jerk, and squats, with minimal conditioning work.  If you followed the general …
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