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CrossFit WOD Tues Feb 20, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: The CrossFit OPEN starts this week. Each Friday for the next 5 weeks will be “Friday Night Lights” at SDA. 4pm class will be cancelled for set-up, and then we will run the OPEN WORKOUTS from 5-8pm on Fridays. There will be heat times listed on the board, and you will sign up for …
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CrossFit WOD Mon Feb 19, 2018

A. Back Squat 10 minutes to work up to challenging triple B. AMRAP 10 min: 24 TTB 12 Power snatch (110/75, ADV 135/95) 12 Burpee Pull-ups (ADV Ring Muscle-ups) 12 Power Snatch (110/75, ADV 135/95) 24 TTB Max Reps Burpee Pull-ups (ADV Ring Muscle-ups) in remaining time Rest 6 min (till 16:00 mark on clock) …
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CrossFit WOD Sat Feb 18, 2018

A. Power Clean Work to challenging double B. EMOM x 7 min: 2 reps Power Clean @ 85% of part A C. For Time (20 min cap): 100 Double-unders 50 Push Press (75/55) 75 Double-unders 50 TTB 50 Double-unders 50 SDHP (75/55) 25 Double-unders 50 OHS (75/55)

CrossFit WOD Fri Feb 16, 2018

Nutrition Challenge Testing Day Please make sure to record scores and use the same level used in pre testing Warm-up (coach will be taking measurements during first 10 min of class) 2 min cardio of choice Touch toes to overhead reach x 10 reps 5 “around the world” each direction 10 Monkey Squats 15 sec …
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CrossFit WOD Thur Feb 15, 2017

A. Kipping HSPU technique work and guidance x 5-10 minutes Those already proficient should practice free-standing HS and HS Walks B. Test Max Length Broad Jump – 5 attempts Must stick the landing Measure distance to back of heels on landing C. 4 Rounds (for quality, not for time): 2-3 Wall-Climbs (with 5-sec HS Hold …
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CrossFit WOD Wed Feb 14, 2018

A. Bench Press – Reps 10-8-6-4 (increasing weight) B. Bench Press Complete 3 sets of 2 reps at weight used for 4 reps in Part A ***Focus on EXPLODING up as fast as possible on each rep C. Hang Power snatch 5 min to work slightly above loading in part D D. Get as far …
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